Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Advantage

Plastic extrusion blow molding machine is suitable for various materials,such as PE/PP/HDPE bottle etc. The blow molding machine is used in produce various kinds of plastic products,such as daily chemical, food beverage, lubricating oil, pharmaceutical pesticide, chemical stacking barrels and others.


Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine Advantage:

1. Most components of the blow molding machine are from famous world brand.

2. The production efficiency of blow molding machine is high. Its noise is low and its power consumption is small, the operation is safe and convenient.

3. The air system has been divided into two parts: Pneumatic action part and bottle blow part to meet the different requirements for the action and blow. The blow molding machine can provide sufficient and steady high pressure for blowing large irregular shaped bottles.

4. The blow molding machine adopts advanced famous hydraulic and electric components. The blow molding machine has low-mould protection, presure protection, flowing adjustment and other functions.