10L-20L Stackable Barrel Blow Molding Machine

J-King Machinery provides customers with 10L-20L stackable barrel blow molding machine. The size and volume of chemical stacking barrels can be customized according to your requirements. Series blow molding machine equipment includes: stackable bucket blow molder, plastic barrel blow molding machine, chemical barrel blow molding equipment etc.

 blow molding machine application


Technical Parameter

Production10L-20L plastic production
Die HeadSingle Die Head
Station TypeSingle station or Double station
Machine TypeXLB80-10L,XLB80-20L

Control system


1、direct display of machine running parameters, and can be freely adjusted through the panel. Automatic fault diagnosis, automatic alarm, and operation screen are displayed directly

2、The man-machine interface control adopts the domestic famous brand touch screen, with full functions and options, sensitive touch and fast response speed.

3、Programmable timer for heating control and temperature reduction for overnight shut down.

4、Ethernet network Remote service access / remote diagnosis and correct error parameters.

Die Head


1.Precise and accurate die head design-streamline, no blind angle and faster color change

2.Lower back pressure, extending service time of extruder unit and gear box

3.Multi-cavity flow channel, easy to control flow

4.Multi-layer co-extrusion head with heart curve or sprial mandrel

5.Single layer die head with offset spider

6.View stripe on die heads at request

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